5 Risks We Face Every day and Tips to Avoid Them

The pace of modern life is just crazy. All-day we are like hamsters in a wheel. Being a woman really becomes difficult. Starting from physiology to the difficulties with choosing clothes – every day we encounter problems that men do not even know about.

However, there are important things that we also don’t think about. Each of us has already developed clear daily habits and customs. We do a lot of things just on autopilot, but some of them may not be as safe as it seems. You may think – what is so unsafe in a morning cup of coffee. But in fact, there are many risks behind this cup. And this is fair for a lot of what you do every day.

Let’s talk today about the risks that we face almost every day through our habits and ordinary things. Get ready, you will be surprised!

1. The Daily Beauty of Our Eyes Can Be Dangerous

Mascara is the main element of a female cosmetic bag. Moreover, many women use it every day without even knowing how it could turn out. Unfortunately, this seemingly super beauty product can harm the body when used daily for a long time.

Did you know that eyelashes are not only what makes our look beautiful? In fact, they perform the protective function of the eyes.

Doctors dermatologists quite often raise this issue, but many skip this information. But what is so terrible in the mascara?

It can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes and even eyelash loss. It is especially dangerous to sleep with painted eyelashes! In principle, it is generally not recommended to sleep with makeup, but mascara can be really dangerous. It can cause clogging of the pores of the skin. And if the expiration dates are still out, then you increase the risk of diseases of the visual organ even more.

Also, dermatologists recommend abandoning the daily use of mascara which has a fibrous composition. With everyday use, such mascara can cause irritation of the tear membrane. And it, in turn, performs a protective function. Irritation causes tear fluid to evaporate and dry eyes and burning sensations can occur.

It’s time to change your habits, such beauty does not require sacrifices. Periodically give the rest to your eyelashes and never go to bed with makeup. So you not only protect your eyes but also keep your eyelashes beautiful.

2. The Desire to Maintain Intimate Hygiene Is Not as Safe as It Seems

Almost all women pay special attention to their intimate hygiene. However, not everyone understands what such a desire for cleanliness can turn into. It will be about daily pads.

On the packaging, most manufacturers write that 7 pieces = 7 days. However, doctors believe that from the point of view of hygiene they need to be changed every 4 hours, and it is better not to wear them more than this time.

In advertisements for daily liners, we often hear that they are breathing. But even the most “breathable” gaskets have an adhesive layer that is not able to let in air. Thus, they create a greenhouse effect in the intimate area. Gynecologists note that a warm and non-ventilated environment is ideal for the development of various bacteria. They penetrate the female body and provoke the development of gynecological diseases. Lack of ventilation can cause a number of skin rashes in the intimate area.

Moreover, even the most “natural” gaskets are made using synthetic materials. It’s no secret that prolonged wearing of synthetics can cause allergies. Of course, this material does not cause allergies in everyone, it is individual.

It is also worth noting the fact that most daily pads contain fragrances. Often, they cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, if you notice discomfort in the intimate area, reconsider your attitude to this hygienic product. Minimize use so that you do not put yourself at risk for gynecological diseases.

3. It’s Time Not to Start Your Morning with Coffee

Most women prefer to start their morning with coffee. And someone else during the day can drink this it in the hope of gaining a boost of strength. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and is not worth doing. Is coffee dangerous when consumed daily? Definitely yes, and now we will tell you why it should be stopped or minimized altogether.

Well, firstly, it should be noted that many women do not use this drink at all in order to maintain their youth. Almost all celebrities follow this rule.

Secondly, coffee changes the hormonal of a person. Since it stimulates the production of an excess amount of the stress hormone cortisol in the adrenal glands. And in the female body, an excess of this hormone can lower the level of progesterone, which is responsible for the possibility of pregnancy and its successful course. Also, a connection between coffee and the development of mastopathy and fibroadenoma has long been traced. It is also possible due to the fact that the hormonal background changes.

The harm of coffee is expressed, among other things, in that it interferes with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and slows down the metabolism. Because of this, the body is gaining excess weight. If you can’t lose weight in any way, then it’s time to think about refusing coffee.

In general, there are many reasons to refuse coffee. Daily use can negatively affect the female body. Let’s not take risks!

4. High Heels Are Not Only Beautiful but Also Dangerous

Men believe that women simply adore high heels. But few of them know what is the danger of wearing them. What can we say, many girls don’t even know about it! Most likely you understand that the constant wearing of high-heeled shoes will not bring anything good. But let’s take a closer look.

The main function of the foot is depreciation, that is, the distribution of the load when running and walking on two legs. The weight of the body is distributed on the foot so that we can walk and run without experiencing pain and discomfort.

If at least some small part of this streamlined system of distribution of body weight changes, then problems begin. No, this is not only about the pain that you experience in the legs, but about serious illnesses.

Let’s remember that feeling of relief when you take off your high heel shoes. Just imagine that your shoes with a heel of 2 to 3 cm increase the load on the foot by as much as 22%. And if the heel is 6 cm, then by as much as 60%.

That is, with prolonged stress, joints and fingers can begin to deform and decrease the ability to distribute the load. Well, respectively, all of this will cause pain. After this, everyone will probably think about reconsidering their attitude to high-heeled shoes, even the lowest ones.

So, it is better to sacrifice high heels than to get closer to various diseases every day. Also, remember that the beauty of your legs will be lost forever as well.

5. Mood, Feelings, and Emotions Are Ruining Us Every Day

We do not always pay attention to this fact, but every day brings us new experiences and various emotions. Stress, mood swings, and worries can cause serious human illnesses. The longer we get angry or worry, the higher the risk of infections entering the body, as well as the development of heart disease.

We don’t need such a deal! Remember when you first noticed in your life some kind of emotional swings. Now think about how your body changed at that time. Learn to manage your emotions and avoid stressful situations. Have the boss ordered you to do the translation but you don’t understand anything about it? Do not complicate your life and do not waste your health worrying about this. This issue can be outsourced to specialists from The Word Point translation service and that is all that should be done.

It is very important to learn not to be nervous but to resolve stressful situations. Firstly, nerves negatively affect appearance and beauty. Secondly, it can bring a whole bunch of diseases. Let’s be healthy and beautiful!

Time for Final Notes

Now, do you understand how many daily rituals and familiar goods can be dangerous for us? We can once again conclude that being a woman is not only difficult but dangerous.

However, do not start paranoia and sound the alarm. Forewarned is forearmed! Now you know about the risks and are able to minimize them. Just do not ignore the information that you learned today, but accept it. Accept and take action. You just need to understand one important thing. It’s not necessary to spend all your life on a powder keg! Indeed, beauty, youth, and health are the main weapons of every woman!

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