8 Healthy Lifestyle Rules That You Can Violate Sometimes

Lifestyle and eating habits determine our health. According to the WHO, eating habits and lifestyle determine our well-being by three quarters. It seems that we all more or less know the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle, i.e., move more, deal with stress, get enough sleep, and eat more vegetables and fruits. However, doctors and scientists say that some rules can be broken – and our health will only benefit from this. We tell you what rules of a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be neglected.

Healthy Lifestyle Rules That You Can Violate 


Here are some healthy lifestyle rules that you can surely violate once in a while without any serious consequences.

1.      Sleep At Least 8 Hours Every Day

Lack of sleep, especially long and regular sleep, is the easiest way to ruin your health and even shorten your life. Numerous studies support a direct link between lack of sleep and impaired metabolism, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and a higher risk of cancer.

But if during the working week you can’t get enough sleep every day for the obligatory 7-8 hours, then, as research results confirm, you may well get the missing amount of sleep on the weekend. But the main thing is not to turn it into a habit and still strive to get enough sleep every day.

2.      Avoid Drinking Alcohol

We know that alcoholic drinks are harmful to a person’s health and well-being. However, research proves that drinking red wine in moderation promotes heart health. So if you are at a party, you may drink red wine in smaller quantities to enjoy its pleasure without harming your health. But remember that excessive consumption of wine or any other alcoholic drink can lead to addiction, liver damage, and even cancer.

Some alcoholics even end up at rehab centers to recover from this problem, and paying for detox becomes another problem, which leads to stress. Thus, you can avoid all this chaos by simply following the rule of moderation, which means drinking alcohol once in a while in a smaller amount.

3.      Muffling Lack Of Sleep With Caffeine

Didn’t get enough sleep at night and therefore drinking your fourth cup of coffee in the hope of invigorating and concentrating? That’s not a big deal! A 2015 study published in the British Medical Journal found that 4 cups of coffee is the maximum but still safe dose for most adults per day.

You should not introduce this into regular practice, but if for some reason you did not sleep well at night, it is quite possible to exceed the dose of caffeine once. The main thing is not to forget to pay off the “debt” for sleep the next night.

4.      Avoid Stress

Another guaranteed way to worsen your health is to expose yourself to stress constantly. The development of all many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even asthma contributes to prolonged and even more chronic stress. However, doctors have a little consolation for us.

According to them, if you’re struggling to make your life calmer, find a way to make stress work for you. When we are nervous, our psyche automatically rebuilds into a “fight or flight” mode, which increases the level of adrenaline. And if you find a use for it (for example, active sports or dance training), then the effect on health will be rather positive.

5.      Don’t Get Distracted While Eating

The more attentive and focused we are while eating, the sooner we recognize the signal of satiety and the fewer extra calories we get. But if you are used to snacking during work, or you simply do not have time for a leisurely lunch, you can use a simple trick.

Take a smaller plate and put about two-thirds of your usual serving on it. With a high degree of probability, you will not even notice that you have eaten less than usual!

6.      Give Up Sugar

Many of us have heard that sugar is harmful to health, which is true. But we definitely do not need to completely give up sweets as this is the best source of energy for our brain. But you should definitely know that it is worth reducing the number of sweets, as well as exclude quick sweets and, first of all, sugary drinks from the diet. This means that you can eat your favorite dessert two or three times a week, even if you decide to go on a diet. 

7.      Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

Eight glasses or 2 liters of water is an average rate that is not suitable for everyone. Yes, as a rule, we feel thirst (and recognize it) at the moment when the body has been experiencing a lack of fluid for some time. Therefore it is worth drinking water preventively but do not meticulously calculate eight glasses.

Just put a bottle of water next to your workplace (you can add a couple of cucumber slices, a sprig of mint or herbs, a slice of lemon, or a handful of berries to it) – and you yourself will not notice how you empty it. Your body always lets you know when you are thirsty or in need of water so just follow its signals. 

8.      Eat Less Salt

The easiest way to reduce your risk of fatal diseases is to lower your daily salt intake. But if you do not eat processed meat products every day, do not eat fast food, do not abuse canned foods, as well as all kinds of ready-made snacks (for example, chips), then most likely you are not exceeding the recommended rate. However, if you have noticed any poor health sign, you may need to reduce the amount of salt – just in case.

Take Away

Following rules, all the time can be exhausting, and knowing that we have leverage over them can help us relax and enjoy our favorite meal at the same time. You can break the above-mentioned health rules sometimes, but remember not to make it a habit. Otherwise, you have to encounter severe health consequences.

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