All you Need to Know About Cannabis

In recent years, the word “cannabis” is frequently used to refer to the plants of the genus Cannabis, including Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis ruderalis. The genus is indigenous to the territories of central Asia. 

Commonly known as weed, pot, or marijuana, cannabis flowers when dried can have psychoactive effects. Cannabis is one the most commonly used recreational drug and, with more and more countries moving towards its legalization, bloom in the commercial trade market has been taking place, leading to an increase in investment in CBD extraction, edibles, and products.

Components of Cannabis

Cannabis contains at least 120 components which are called cannabinoids. However, two of them, including Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC) are the most commonly understood constituents. CBD is a psychoactive component usually used to reduce pain and inflammation. It is found in FDA-approved medicines used to treat epilepsy. Synthetically, manufactured cannabis can have either no CBD or only CBD, depending upon the use it has. Similarly, some natural strains also contain different amounts of both these chemicals. Whatever the amount, the medical or recreational use of cannabis is associated with these two compounds.

Uses and effects

 Medically, cannabis is usually associated with reducing nausea, vomiting, improving appetite, and treating chronic pain, and spasms. Two strains of cannabis are also approved by the FDA to be used in form of pills for medical purposes. In the industrial sector, the soft stem of the cannabis plant, also known as hemp, is used in thousands of commercial products, including paper, textiles, cordage, etc. Effects of cannabis are tri-phasic with feelings of relaxation, euphoria, increased mental capabilities, etc. The duration and intensity of the impacts depend on the amount taken and the tolerance level.


Humans have been using cannabis for medical and recreational purposes for over 3000 years, yet the legality debate surrounding this plant has still not rendered any fruit. Medically, some strains have been approved for the treatment of epilepsy. Over 35 countries in the world and about 35 states in the U.S have legalized the medical use of cannabis. Recreational use is still prohibited in most countries; however, some have taken the initiative to decriminalize it under certain conditions.

All stated the market for this product has never been so active, with companies striving toward legal and public production of cannabis and its different modified strains.

Facts about CBD you didn’t know:

By now you have already heard about Cannabidiol in the news. It’s an element found in the cannabis plant. CBD is mostly used for anxiety and stress relief however pain relief, seizures, and treating cancer symptoms are some known benefits of this latest medicinal product in the market. However, due to the regulation of CBD in many countries like the UK, these effects have not been verified by research and study. The majority of the benefits of this popular Cannabidiol owe to its popularity with users and their claims, despite the negative connotations that are attached to this product in the market it continues to grow in fame.

Influencers like Kim Kardashian have positively reviewed the product causing hundreds to follow suit. This growing popularity increases the market share owned by CBD products by day and in the next 5 years, this product foresees an 8% increase in the market. There is still some controversy surrounding the product because a lot of people still do not know as much about CBD yet. So, here are a few facts about CBD that you should know:

CBD doesn’t make you high:

A lot of people tend to believe that like similar cannabidiol like THC, CBD will also have a psycho-stimulating effect on your neurotransmitters however, that is not necessarily true. CBD tends to affect the receptors in the brain differently than THC, it does not bind with the same receptors thus it does not cause the same effect as THC. CBD simply acts as a depressant and blocks pain receptors by manipulating serotonin.

CBD is extremely Useful for Women’s health issues:

During your period you may experience pain in your lower back, chest, and stomach.  However, you can easily reduce the pain by massaging a few drops of CBD oil onto the affected area. This is because the CBD binds with the vanilloid receptors and moderates the pain reception. This moderation regulates irritation, discomfort and reduces pain.

CBD oil has been used as medicinal and therapeutic in History as well:

The benefits of CBD for women have been known since the time of Queen Victoria. She was reported to have used the product to help deal with her menstrual cycles. Her personal physician reported that the queen would use it to help with pain relief and it helped her substantially to do so. Ever since CBD oil has been used by women.

CBD May counteract the effects of THC:

THC is known to cause anxiety, stress, euphoria, and paranoia in sufferers however, CBD has the opposite effect. It tends to relieve stress which is why many people tend to use CBD for anxiety and stress relief. However, what you probably didn’t know is that CBD also tends to overturn the effects of THC. It binds with different neurotransmitters than THC.

CBD can increase Appetite:

CBD tends to alleviate your mood and therapy stress and anxiety which are common reasons for the loss of appetite, in doing so they may improve your appetite and help people with bulimia or anorexia.


CBD has revolutionized the world for all the right reasons. Do not forget to try out some products. However, you need to make sure that you are not getting addicted to any CBD products. God Forbid if you feel addicted make use of Drug Treatment through insurance options to get the CBD out of your system.

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