Are You Willing To Do This One Thing To Lose Weight?

No matter how hard you work to lose weight,  you will eventually get stuck in a rut. Your progress will stall. You may actually gain some weight back. And your will and resolve will most definitely be tested.

How do most of us deal with this? We usually continue down the same path … maybe put in more hours at the gym … and hope we’ll get over that hump. Problem is, it always seems a lot harder to make progress once your progress has slowed.

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I’ve found that the absolute best way you can continue toward your weight loss goal when you’ve hit a wall is this:

Get out of your comfort zone and try different things!

Now before you start rolling your eyes, let me explain.

Anytime you undergo a new diet or exercise regimen, your body’s natural biologic response is to adapt to that. Over time, your body will actually have to work harder to get results if you continue to do the same things over and over. That’s why you’ve probably reached a certain “level” and seem to stay at that level … even though you may be busting your butt in the gym or eating better than you ever have before.

Eventually, You’ll get to a point where you either need to accept where you’re at and be happy with it or do some things differently.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a routine person. I like getting up at the same time every day, eating the same lunch every day, checking things off my to-do list, etc.

But the times you’re willing to go a little outside your comfort zone and try something new are usually when you’ll make a breakthrough discovery and find something really cool/interesting/fascinating/insightful that you never knew about.

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. ~ Denis Waitley

Trying new exercises and eating new foods may seem scary and daunting. That’s okay. The important thing is to set your reservations aside and just try. Here’s how to get started.

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in 3 Easy Steps

1. Make a list of your health goals and all the things you do in an average week to help you accomplish those goals.

2. Commit to trying a new type of exercise each week that you’re not currently doing. For example, if you’re a runner do a day or two of weightlifting. Or if you lift weights 3 days a week add a day of yoga and stretching.

3. Commit to eating one more serving of fruit or vegetable than you normally do every day of the week. An easy way to do this is to make a green smoothie every morning.

What’s cool about this approach is, you’re likely to find something–whether it’s a new exercise or a new fruit or vegetable–that you really enjoy. And making small changes like this can be the difference that helps you drop those last few pounds once and for all.

Can you commit to any of these steps? Share your thoughts with us!

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