Check Out the Victoria’s Secret Ab Workout

Are you trying to figure out how those drop dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models get their great bodies? A personal trainer to the stars (and those Victoria’s Secret models!) gets ladies ready for the runway with a few simple moves, that when repeated on a regular basis, can get your body in tip top form.

Robert Brace, the founder of the 28 Day Challenge, works with some of the most in shape Victoria’s Secret models and shows them moves that work out a lot of different muscle groups all at once to tighten your core and get your entire body in great shape, fast.

All you need is a pair of five pounds weights, normal workout clothes, and a space to move around. Use this dynamic body warm up to get your muscles ready for some activity.


The first move is called a walkout and it’s simple and effective for even novices. Reach up high and straighten those arms, then bend down, put your hands on the floor. Then you’re going to ‘walkout’- crawling your hands across the floor into a push-up position. Similar to a push-up, you’ll be in a plank position, keeping your body straight.

Lower your body Push down, and then hold that pose right there. You’ll feel it in the abs almost immediately. Next, push up slowly (for those having trouble with this move, feel free to put your knees on the ground). This will get your body warmed up fast. Stand all the way up, and reach up straight again, into your starting position. Do ten repetitions of this for a good all body warm-up.


Your next move to get that Angel body is a plank with a single-arm kickback. Victoria’s Secret models strive for that long lean body, and while they want to build up their muscles, they want to do so without adding a lot of bulk. Again in this move, you’ll get in the plank position, which looks like you’re in the starting position for a push-up. Pick up the five-pound dumbbell in one hand.

Pull that hand back behind and over your back on the one side. Make sure to keep your body in the exact same position. You should feel the burn in both arms – the one holding your entire body up, as well as the one you are lifting the weight with. At the same exact time, you should start to feel the burn in your abs. If you keep your legs spread farther apart, it is a little easier for those new to this exercise.

Keeping your balance is part of what makes this workout challenging and successful for your body. If you can’t quite do this move comfortably right away- that’s ok, start with your knees bent and resting on the floor until you build up your strength. The trick is keeping your abdomen as tight as possible and squeezing your triceps. Try not to swing your hips to the side or rise up off the floor. Stay as balanced and stabilized as possible to do this move properly. Do 10- 15 reps each side before you move to the third exercise.


Your third move is an overhead press with oblique focus. The Victoria’s Secret models like to keep their sides and tummies tight! Every lady wants to see that line on sides of the abdomen- giving them the ultimate washboard abs. Getting that look starts by keeping a tight core and comes from controlling your core and using a weight at the same time. To figure out how to strengthen that area, you need to first figure out how to set your abdomen in place. Put your little finger on your hips, and put your thumb underneath your ribs to stretch the distance between your hips and your ribs, which will stretch the distance of your abdomen.

Then you close your ribs for more power; and pull your belly button in. Pick up one weight to an overhead position at a 90-degree angle, another arm to the side. Make sure not to rest your inactive hand on your hips, it needs to remain at your side, because having your arms at your sides activates your oblique’s which is what we’re going for here. Push the weight straight up over your head, keep repeating, and you’ll start to feel your oblique muscles working through your side as you push up. If you commit to doing this workout regularly, you’ll get the line you want on each side. Do 15 reps on each side.


The fourth exercise is a ski lunge combined with a bicep curl. If you’re in a hurry to get in great shape fast, similar to how the Victoria’s Secret Angels have to cram hard to work out right before a last-minute photoshoot, you know that you need to maximize the time of each workout. Hold both weights down at either side, with your hands by your sides. Slink down into squat position and take one leg back with your arms hanging forward over your front knee. Pull your back leg in as you simultaneously do a bicep curl. This exercise activates your buns and works out your biceps at the same time. Do 10- 15 reps on each side, alternating or preferably do one side at all at once.


The last exercise is a fun one, and it’s called the bounce squat. This exercise is specifically great for burning that oh so annoying thigh fat! It also lifts your butt, and will help to get you those long, lean Victoria’s Secret Angel legs. Start with your arms out in front of you. Do a squat, and while you’re in the down position, do 5 light and quick bounces. Keep feet flat on the floor to get the most out of this workout. Do ten reps of five bounces with a rest in between. And the bad news is that this is just the basic move!

To increase what you’re doing, to get a higher level of impact and results, start out in the same position, and keep butt down, then do the squats but add mini jumps. This will force you to actually fight gravity, increasing the strength of the move as you land. Make sure to stay in your proper position for the best results and to keep from injuries- keep your chest up shoulders back.

With these 5 moves, you’ll be sure to be runway ready in no time.

Have you tried any of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Workouts? Did they work for you? What benefits or negatives have you seen? Share your thoughts with us!

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