Christmas Party 2020: 14 essential do’s and don’ts need to know this year


We all know Christmas celebrations are around the corner and we might have planned what to do and what shouldn’t for the upcoming Christmas parties. Have you planned? This year’s party would be different from previous years because of Covid-19, so here we have brought so many ideas for all of you to be followed and not to follow. By reading this blog, you will come up with the right things that need to be done. It doesn’t matter either you are an attendee or hosting a party; these things are essential to know for everyone.

Do: Dress up well

If you people are hosting a party, then its great responsibility on yours shoulders to set a proper theme and for all those who are not interested in themes then dress up in eye-catchy attire to be a centre of attention of the party. If you are going to attend a Christmas party at a friend’s place, then follow the specific theme or try something new but avoid Santa costume.

Do: Talk to everyone

There are lots of people at the party that you know, or obviously, there would be unknown as well so try to greet everyone. Obviously, covid has reduced the chances of big gatherings but try to be talkative in small gatherings as well. Talk to everyone and get to know about their interests, what they do and what is their new year’s resolution? It makes you happy and gives positive vibes for the upcoming year ahead.

Do:  Maintain social distance

2020 was all about covid, and we are not ended yet with this, so make sure you people are maintaining social distance. Huge gatherings might not be allowed this year but keep it minimum. Enjoy the festivities but never skip SOPs. Take particular precautions which are mentioned by health officials. Hosts need to add some distance between seating arrangements.

Do: Disinfect the party place

Covidis not over yet and the party hosts need to disinfect the party place first. Disinfect every corner and wipe down handles and doorknobs. Place sanitizer at every table so everyone can disinfect their hands whenever they want.

Do: Arrange tantalizing food

This is for the party host because they have to manage the food section properly and Christmas parties are all about food. Make sure you people are all set for the tantalizing and yummilicious food for the guests. If you did something extra last year for the party, then guests would have that thing in their mind and they want more than that. Parties are all about food so pay attention to this.

Do: Pay extra attention to illumination

Christmas parties are all about illumination everywhere so lit up every corner of your house with the fluorescent lights. Jazz up the driveways with bright lights so guests can enjoy the feel from the entrance.

Do: Leave the party if you find it boring

You all might have got so many invitations where your attendance is essential, and you have to do nothing there. If you people find it boring, then make an excuse and leave the party. It’s good to not be there at such a place that didn’t go well with your mood.

Say no to gifts this year

Well, rather than receiving gifts this year say no to presents because it spreads the covid by touching and this disease spreads with close contact. Keep your hands clean and don’t rub your eyes again and again.

Don’t consume too much alcohol

You can’t imagine a Christmas party without alcohol but don’t consume too much alcohol. Limit the intake of alcoholic drinks. For all those who are over drinkers, they need to pay extra attention to this because they might have to end up at the party in alcohol rehab centers this year.

Don’t forget to wear masks

Well, this year’s party would be different from previous years because the entire world has caught up in corona and to save so many precious lives follow necessary precautions.  Don’t forget to wear masks and party hosts must make this compulsory for every attendee. Wear masks when you people are not eating.

Don’t be late

Always be on time for the party because the more you will be late, the lesser you will enjoy. There are so many people who are always late to the parties. If you people are going to any senior colleague or office party, then be on time to put some great impression on seniors.

Don’t include high-calorie meals only

Well, the party menu shouldn’t have an only high-calorie meal included there are many diet freaks as well who are attending the party. Add fresh veggies and fruit salad on the menu to please them.

Don’t arrange huge gatherings

As we mentioned this year, so many states have already cancelled the festivities to avoid huge gatherings and for maintaining social distancing. Party gatherings should be minimum to keep yourself safe in this pandemic because this disease spread through touching the surfaces and close interaction.

Don’t be on the phone always

It’s true nowadays everyone is on their phone, scrolling up and down without any reason. If you people are doing this same at a Christmas party, then you are doing wrong to yourself because might be you are not enjoying the moment. Ditch your phone and meet people. See what fashion is up this year and how people have dressed up. How pretty the décor is and what safety precautions are taken to keep everyone safe this year? All these things can be carefully observed when you would put the phone in the pocket and enjoy every bit of the party.

These are the few dos and don’ts mentioned to help you out to be good this year. Although 2020 is pretty much different from previous years, make sure you have read the blog carefully and not repeating the don’ts again and again. Share these things with your loved ones as well. Have a happy holiday.

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