Tired of Eating Vegetables? Why Green Smoothies Rock!

As we get older you’d think it be easier to eat our vegetables but without our mothers nagging us sometimes we completely forget about nutrition. Eating right doesn’t necessarily mean introducing more salads into your diet or learning 100 culinary techniques to prepare zucchini. Getting the greens can be as simple as slipping some celery into a smoothie.

Green Smoothies


Nobody wants to sit around the house eating lettuce like potato chips. Green smoothies are a great way to get some vegetables in your diet without compromising much on taste or time. While certain doctors have criticized juicing because it contains less fiber and antioxidants than simply eating your veggies raw, making smoothies doesn’t leave out the pulp so all that fiber and those antioxidants are still in the smoothie.


One of the greatest things about green smoothies is all the different flavor combinations available. Pretty much any fruit will cover up the bitterness of your choice of green leafy vegetables. So while a classic apple spinach smoothie may look identical to a mango pineapple kale smoothie your tastebuds won’t be fooled. Best of all, no matter the combination, your smoothie is guaranteed to taste better than brussels sprouts while being just as healthy.


Green smoothies are also great because they aren’t hard to prepare. It doesn’t take long to throw a few fruits and vegetables into the blender. According to several recipes the estimated preparation time is under 10 minutes. Which means you’ll likely spend more time trying to figure out which combinations to try than making the food.

Even Healthier than You Think

Sure if you add cabbage or broccoli to anything it will instantly become a little healthier. However, I bet you didn’t know that how you prepare your greens could actually add to their health benefits. In fact, blending vegetables such as spinach or carrots allows you to absorb up to three times as many of their nutrients. So not only does blending your food make it more palatable but it also helps you use more of the potential nutrients.


Making green smoothies are a great way to eat healthier without adding unneeded complications to your life. Green smoothies come in lots of tastes and flavors so you’re less likely to get bored of them. They are quick and easy to make and the blending process actually makes the vegetables healthier because you can absorb more of their nutrients. All in all, green smoothies are an easier way to eat your vegetables.

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