5 Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of For Endurance Training

One of the most amazing things about humans is we aren’t fast. Cheetahs, dogs, and even bunny rabbits are way faster than humans. Humans aren’t fast, but we endure. That’s what really sets apart. We don’t wear out like a rabbit or a dog or a cheetah. In a long enough race we humans win because we endure. The trick is developing the ability to keep going gets tough. Here are some tips on endurance training.

Start Young:


If you want to be the best at something it helps to get a jump on your competition. The earlier you start the more of an advantage you have. Studies have shown that kids who want to endurance train should do more reps at a medium resistance for the best results. However, just because you didn’t start running when you were thirteen isn’t any excuse not to start now. Every day you put off training you get a day older.


The art of distraction is difficult to master. Most of the time we think that we need to be giving 110% when we exercise to get results. However studies have shown that when it comes to endurance training less is more. Distraction during exercising increases endurance performance.  When we are distracted by something else when we exercise it becomes an automatic processes. Automatic processes are typically faster and require less effort to perform. By automatically processing during endurance training you can perform better for longer.

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It’s easy to forget to keep hydrated but drinking plenty of water will improve your endurance training performance. Keeping hydrated increases performance in all sorts of physical activities.  Dehydration is amazingly underestimated. It can cause of all sorts of cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, metabolic, or central nervous systems, problems.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again variety may be the spice of life, but consistency is the salt. When you go to the gym it’s nice to sometimes mix it up a little but you will receive more health benefits from endurance training if you do it on a regular basis. Studies have shown that every time you endurance train your metabolic system and skeletal muscles adapt to make endurance training easier in the future. To paraphrase Bruce Lee: I fear not the man who practices a thousand punches, but the man who practices one punch a thousand times. People who have been endurance training for years have better results than people who have only been training for a little while.

Plyometrics is a word I would bet most of the world doesn’t know what it means, but it’s definitely one you should add to your vocabulary. They are a type of exercise. Plyometrics involves explosive movements such as jumping jacks or burpees. One study showed that plyometric training increases performance in endurance runners.


You don’t have to be fast to be great! Being able to persevere through anything can be just as amazing. To get great though you have to start somewhere, and the sooner you start the better the benefits. Endurance training isn’t all about focusing on your goal. It’s just as important to get lost in the process and to really enjoy yourself. Endurance training is about taking care of your body which means keeping hydrated. Enduring endurance training is important because practice makes perfect. The longer you stick with it the better results you’ll have. Lastly, plyometric exercises can help you to improve your performance. These 5 tips will help you maximize the results of your endurance training.

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