The Burpee: 4 Easy Steps To Rock It

For anyone who hasn’t endured elementary school P. E. you may not know what a burpee is.

The genius of its design is that it works out both your lower and upper body, and it is a good source of cardio and plyometric exercise. Plyometric exercises are used for strength training and involve quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power such as jumping.

The burpee is by far one of the silliest looking exercises known to man. Although somewhat challenging it is puzzlingly fun to perform — like zumba.

The burpee which requires its victim to go from standing, to crouching, to planking, back to crouching, and finally to jumping could make even the coolest kid in school look absolutely ridiculous.

It has for generations brought unity to the gymnasium and I hope will continue to do so in the future.

The Steps

Burpees can be fun and easy to remember. My P.E. teacher used to have us chant the simple phrases “down, out, in, up” as when we were forced to do burpees. The burpee is easily performed in 4 easy steps:

1. Start standing and then crouch down bringing your hands to the ground.


2. Hop your feet back to planking position (some people do a pushup at this point).


3. Hop your feet back up to meet your hands


4. Jump up and Repeat.

If there is one exercise that I hold in the highest esteem it’s the burpee. No other exercise works out as many muscles in the body or brings back as many memories.  The burpee is a great exercise to add to your exercise routine.

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