5 Tips To Curb Snoring

There is nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep, and, in all honesty, there is almost nothing worse for your health. Sleep deprivation is a real problem in the United States, and you’d be surprised how much of that stems from snoring. So, whether your snoring is keeping you up, or you are being kept up by the snoring of another, here are five things to try to curb snoring.

Try Using Homeopathic Essential Oils

When I was a little kid my grandmother used to have a satchel full of essential oils for almost any situation. Thyme, Frankincense, you name it, she had it—but what I never realized was that she probably had one of the easiest obtainable solutions to snoring in that bag somewhere, either in the form of menthol or eucalyptus. To combat your cacophonous snoring, try concocting a 50/50 mix of menthol and water and lightly sprinkling it near the head of the bed. This will naturally coax your airways open and should allow you (and everybody around you) to sleep like a baby.


Lose Weight, Gain Sleep

Those who are overweight are much more likely to snore. The reason for this is that if you have excess weight around your neck region, when you lay down, that weight will push against your esophagus and constrict your throat, making it more difficult to breathe and causing snoring. It’s also possible that if you don’t work out, your muscles around your throat and jaw will slide back more, causing them to vibrate when you breathe. Working out and losing weight will help out those that are tired of snoring.

Elevate Your Head, Change Your Position

For the same reason that weaker jaw and throat muscles might cause vibrations, so might sleeping on your back with your head lying flat. Try propping your head up with extra pillows if you prefer sleeping on your back, or try changing positions so that your tongue and jaw are not sliding back. Sleeping on your side or stomach might be the best option for you, and there are even pillows out there that will help facilitate sleeping on your side while preventing you from rolling back over.


Avoid Eating Right Before You Sleep—Especially Dairy

There are a lot of reasons not to eat right before you sleep. One of those is that if you are trying to lose weight you are more prone to put on pounds if you eat before you sleep (and potentially snore). The next is that as a natural part of digestion, mucus builds up in the throat after eating, and especially after eating dairy. When mucus builds up in the throat, people snore! If you do have to eat before bed, make it a very light meal, and, again, avoid dairy.

Less Smoking, Drinking, and Pill Popping

Relaxants like alcohol and muscle sedatives will cause the throat muscles to go more slack while you are sleeping than normal, which will greatly increase your chances of snoring. Cigarette smoking will kill the cilia in your throat, which also increases the chances of snoring. Eliminating alcohol and cigarettes and reducing the number of sedatives taken will help to get rid of that midnight sawing.

Do you snore? Do you know someone who does? Have you tried these tips? Share your thoughts with us!

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