Happy Holidays: 6 Ways To A Happier, Healthier Trip

Whether taking a business trip or a holiday it can be hard to exercise with the change of routine. Even if you try to get a hotel with a gym their fitness equipment is often subpar: a lonely treadmill in an otherwise empty room. But you can’t forgo exercising! It is important for your mental and physical health.

Exercising should be just as important to us as eating. When we go on vacation we treat ourselves to fancy foods so why shouldn’t we do the same with exercise? If you’re ready to get some variety into your workouts while you’re on vacation or out of town for business (you could even try them at home) read on for some exciting exercise options you might not have considered.


It seems so obvious, right? You can jog anywhere, it doesn’t cost anything and it reduces stress. If you are experiencing a new town or city for the first time, what better way to see it down on ground level and by learning the area by running through it? Get up close and personal with the area that you are visiting. Whether this is your first trip to this area, or you’ve been there a hundred times, you’ll just about always learn something new about the place you are visiting by taking a jog. Plus the fresh air will help you relax. Unfortunately, many people choose the boring treadmill over a natural city or country views.

In-Room Exercising:

Hotels want you to have a good stay that’s why they put mints on the pillows. There are more and more hotels offering in-room fitness equipment to their valued guests because they know exercise makes for a good stay. Guests can pick what they want to exercise with. The hotels have everything from exercise videos to free weights that can be ‘checked out’ like a library book while staying at the hotel.


Many great hotels offer bikes- and not stationary kind! Some hotels and bed & breakfasts let you check out their stash of bikes that you can borrow for a day riding around the town. Leave your car at the hotel and choose an eco-friendly way to see the local area while you are in town. Much like jogging, biking is a great way to go sight seeing. There are definitely things you can see on a bike that you would miss if you were zipping around in a car.

If you aren’t staying at a hotel that has its own bike rentals, just look up online where you can rent a bike in the town that you’re visiting. Just about every city has bikes that are available to rent. If you are looking for a safe route when touring there are plenty of websites out there that can help like biketouringtips.com or ridetheroad.com


Yoga is an easy low-intensity way to sneak a workout on your trip. Some hotels offer yoga classes which are great if you want to meet new people or you can always try yoga in the privacy of your own room. Their loads of youtube videos you can watch that have pre-made yoga routines. Plus all hotels come with their own makeshift yoga mats — towels! Make the most of your stay and try yoga the next time you visit somewhere new.

Rock Climbing


Have you considered rock climbing as a workout? Rock climbers are known to be very thin and muscular. At many hotels around the country, you can take rock climbing classes, or go out on your own with a tour group. Some hotels offer free classes where you can learn how to climb a rock wall, and some really special resorts even offer real rock climbing in the outdoors if you want to try it. While the free introductory classes are offered by many hotels, sometimes additional training or experiencing true rock climbing outdoors will come at a charge.

Canoeing or Kayaking

A lot of places that you visit are probably at a beach or lakefront location. No matter what coast you are visiting, there are always water exercises or adventures that you can take part in. A great workout for your entire body is canoeing or kayaking. A lot of the beach or lake front hotels will offer free classes where a professional guide will teach you how to canoe or kayak. Some locations even feature white water rafting! Often after the initial training class, there is actually a fee for taking part in these kinds of activities, but it is well worth it. Depending on your location, you may even be able to experience some ocean life, kayaking with dolphins or even sharks!


These are all excellent ideas for new ways to exercise while you are on vacation or on a business trip! So the next time that you’re out of town and want to change your routine up a little, take these tips, or be adventurous and create your own! Jogging, biking, yoga, kayaking, rock climbing: whatever it is, just try it. Your body will thank you for not neglecting it in your travels.

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