What Is Hoodia?

Have you heard of Hoodia? It may sound strange and the name certainly is, but this all-natural supplement was notoriety all over the world for its weight control benefits. Hoodia Gordonii is an old trend for those looking to lose weight and it has become popular recently for women committed to losing weight in the United States.

This herbal weight loss remedy is actually a plant that comes from South Africa that looks like a cactus with flowers, and grows to be about 3 feet high. The large flowers it features have a really strong odor, and it has been used for centuries to suppress the appetite while hunters were out on long trips hunting for their villages.

It is said that if you chew on the rind of the hoodia plant, it will make you lose your thirst; it can make you feel full and not eat as much even when you are hungry, and it can give you a burst of energy to keep you moving throughout the day.

Recently, westerners found hoodia and realized it might be a great natural supplement to suppress your appetite. The sudden demand for the plants has made them endangered in South Africa, and exporting the plants is illegal. Luckily one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States was able to isolate the active parts of hoodia here to make a synthetic version able to be mass-produced to meet the burgeoning demand for the product.

Only animal studies existed to show proof that hoodia was anything more than a myth, but in 2004 the crew from the popular television show, 60 Minutes, traveled to Africa to try the hoodia plants for themselves. At meals, one of the correspondents instead chewed hoodia and admitted that it suppressed her hunger.

While it has been a long time remedy for appetite suppression in South Africa, it left people in the United States guessing about whether it was really effective. The medical field has strongly suggested that without any study on human beings, you can’t assume that it is truly a miracle for suppressing the appetite. No medical research has been able to back up the claims of those who believe in hoodia.

How can I get Hoodia?

Hoodia is able to be purchased as a liquid or in a capsule form, and each and every company offers a product that will vary in the level of hoodia in the supplement. While as we mentioned most hoodia is restricted from being shipped from South Africa, there are a few legal ways that remain to get the plants out of the country, so you can sometimes buy the rind of the plant to be shipped from South Africa, which usually has a 20:1 potency rating. If you take the product about an hour before a meal, you should see the best results.

Even though there is no clinical medical evidence to back up the claims of those who support hoodia, many buyers out there are willing to give it a try to see if they get results. If you choose to try it, be sure to take it with a strong exercise plan and a balanced diet to be sure you get the best results.

Have you ever heard of hoodia? What have you tried that’s similar to hoodia? share your thoughts with us!

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