5 Reasons Why Chocolate Milk Isn’t Just a Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? Chocolate milk is the best drink ever! Maybe you don’t share my enthusiasm for chocolate milk. Maybe you’ve grown out of your sweet tooth and moved on to more grown-up drinks like water or beer. However, research shows that there are some good reasons why chocolate milk can be considered a nutritional powerhouse. Here they are:

Plenty of Protein

If you are always on your feet and moving then chocolate milk may just be the drink for you. You see, people who are always up and about need more protein than sedentary people and chocolate milk is full of protein. One cup of chocolate milk contains 8 grams of protein. Protein is essential to every person’s diet but it can be hard to get especially if you are vegetarian. Good news for vegetarians, chocolate milk contains no meat products.

Muscle Growth


Chocolate milk is great for building muscles since it is has a high carbohydrate to protein ratio. Carbohydrates provide the energy necessary for building muscle and protein provides the building blocks to build that muscle from. Chocolate milk is a nitrogenous carbohydrate. So unlike most beverages with similar calories, chocolate milk is great at helping your body create and maintain muscles. The extra nitrogen in chocolate milk improves muscle recovery; so not only does chocolate milk help you build muscle, it helps you be able to use them continually.

Inflammation Reduction

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to reduce inflammation without taking aspirin? Lucky for us there is! Chocolate milk has anti-inflammatory properties. A new study showed that the flavonoids (non essential nutrients) in chocolate milk help reduce inflammation. So next time you sprain your ankle you might want to invest in some chocolate milk.



Who would have guessed that chocolate milk would be an excellent sports drink. But it turns than even when compared to water, it is. It seems that milk has a higher concentration of sodium which makes it better at hydrating.

As a side note: chocolate milk is a great drink for cyclists. Studies have shown that chocolate milk is an effective post-exercise recovery drink for people on bikes. For the best results drink it on recovery rides where you aren’t going at a high intensity.


It is easy to think of the milk component of chocolate milk as the “healthy part.” However, that isn’t exactly true. The chocolate part definitely pulls it’s the weight. The cocoa in chocolate milk is the part that is full of antioxidants.No matter what state the chocolate is in it has the same antioxidants. In actuality, chocolate is the third-highest source of antioxidants in the U.S.  Studies have even been done that show that chocolate may prevent cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. See even chocolate isn’t as unhealthy as you thought.


I may not have convinced you that chocolate milk is simply the most perfect drink to ever come into existence but I did give you the inside scoop on why it can be considered a good nutritional choice. Chocolate milk is full of protein which is good if you are a busy bee. It is a nitrogenous carbohydrate so it helps you build and preserve muscle. Chocolate milk has anti-inflammatory properties which is protection against a host of bodily ills. It has a higher level of sodium than water which makes it better at hydrating and also a better recovery drink. Finally, Chocolate milk is high in antioxidants and may prevent heart disease. Five excellent reasons to include chocolate milk in your healthy diet.

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